Faction Relations

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Relationship form

Free bonuses:
Lao Han- 1 free favour token (You start with 6 favour tokens)
Forunatus – Friendly with the Optimae Patricians
Vel Quattro – Friendly with the Nymphs of the Grove
Quicksilver – 1 free favour token (You start with 6 favour tokens)
Sudi – Favoured by Osiris, Disliked by Set.

The form comes pre-filled out with the status of the party in general. Currently you cannot use Favour Tokens or negative acts to gain Allies/Rivals but may use favour tokens to improve your standing elsewhere, though remember that each act must have an explanation or reason. Once you’ve submitted your form please let me know so we can discuss as some actions may gain your favour with factions you haven’t encountered yet or shift the relationship between you and ones you already know outside of spending tokens directly on them.


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