Sister of Cis, the ruling Winter Fey of Cisalpine Gaul. She is currently fighting against her brothers early insurrection. She will not yield easily, as with all in nature, only the strongest will survive.


What you’ve seen:

Caelia manifested in her willow in the Grove of Genoa, refusing to give up her chill grasp of Cisalpine Gaul without a fight. The party, with the aid of the Fourth Legions Praetorian Cohort performed the required sacrifice, removing Caelia and bringing about Cenarius in his full form.

Caelia has been forced back into the Feywild, where she watches from beyond the veil. The Fey are patient however, as well as proud, she will not forget the meddling of the Romans or the budding group of adventurers.

Her will lives on however, in the possession of the barbarian Vel remains powerful weapons that bare her markings…


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