God of fire, forge, mountains and volcanoes, Hephaestus is the artificer of the Gods. While Athena is seen as Zeus favourite child, Hephaestus is often accompanying his father, providing any weapons or items required to carry out his will.

Rumours among both gods and priests say that Zeus confides in Hephaestus his most powerful secrets and plans. Hephaestus is rarely seen outside of Olympus, Athens or Lemnos, the home of his priests.


What you’ve seen:

The party interrupted negotiation between Hephaestus and The Tributaries deep beneath the Italian Alps. Hephaestus, known to not leave Greek lands often, was highly amused with the parties powerful banishing of the Wrathful Aspect.

While he refused to aid the group of hearty adventurers directly, he did bestow a boon upon Castus, recognising his blacksmithing roots.


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