The Tributaries


Three proud figures adorn three thrones as they watch a flowing river of souls, they all possess an otherworldly appearance, only humanoid at best in shape. The Tributaries are bitter and old beings, each represents emotions held by the souls that drift passed their cavernous domain.

Anger: A hulking beast of a man, his skin a shade of red. He thrives off the final moments as a soul rejects the inevitable tug of the afterlife, fighting with each ounce of rapidly fading energy as they are dragged into the afterlife by the nails. He wields a vicious axe with a jagged edge, rarely able to remain on his throne if confronted.

Terror: The slender form stares unblinking from his throne, his smile reveals an impossible number of jagged teeth. The Aspect of Terror relishes the prolonged moments in death, not the farmer who fights the raiders at the door but his family that cowers behind the bed. Terror looks predatory and fast, he is also known to create duplicates of his companions in order to strike fear into any who slight him.

Despair: A diminutive form under a torn robe, he taunts and laughs from the shadows. Despair prefers resigned acceptance to the inevitable approaching doom, a noble struck by illness watches as his estate is bickered over by his family while he lies incapacitated, unable to muster the energy to voice his will. Despair is patient, preferring to seed his will over time.

Their origin and role are unknown, though powerful figures of distant lands must bargain with the Tributaries should they wish the souls of their people to flow past their domain unimpeded.


What you’ve seen: The party ran across the Tributaries as they bargained with the Olympian forge god Hephaestus. Offended at their trespass, the Aspect of Anger assaulted the party, killing their Praetorian Gladius and wounding Lucius Cornelias Sulla.

The party valiantly defeated Anger and the repulsive heralds that assisted him, much to the amusement of Hephaestus and the Aspect of Despair, who provided Atramentum Ollam with a boon.

The Aspect of Terror remained offended, ordering the party out of his domain at once.

The Tributaries

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