The reins of peace

ROMA INVICTA! PAX ROMANA! Victorious Rome! Rome Everlasting”

An overweight, sweaty human stands upon an unadorned stone dais in the middle of the Forum, he wears nothing but a simple robe of wool, a blood red sash interwoven between the folds of the garb. He addresses a thin crowd in the waking morning sun, a gaggle of boys, messengers for the political elite taking hasty notes, a few merchants and a pair of Centaur.

His words excite none of them as they echo off the marble walls that surround them. Rome is at peace, Rome rules the world, Rome is the world. Her borders stretch from the Atlantic sea in the East to the fertile valleys of Egypt in the West. Sitting on the ivory chair at the head of such an empire is Octavian Julius Caesar or Augustus as he is fondly called by the people. The greatest general and wielder of the arcane arts to have ever lived, his people have enjoyed a peace the world has never before seen. The Gods of old are defeated,

Aly: Cassian

Faction Relations

Site link:

Relationship form

Free bonuses:
Lao Han- 1 free favour token (You start with 6 favour tokens)
Forunatus – Friendly with the Optimae Patricians
Vel Quattro – Friendly with the Nymphs of the Grove
Quicksilver – 1 free favour token (You start with 6 favour tokens)
Sudi – Favoured by Osiris, Disliked by Set.

The form comes pre-filled out with the status of the party in general. Currently you cannot use Favour Tokens or negative acts to gain Allies/Rivals but may use favour tokens to improve your standing elsewhere, though remember that each act must have an explanation or reason. Once you’ve submitted your form please let me know so we can discuss as some actions may gain your favour with factions you haven’t encountered yet or shift the relationship between you and ones you already know outside of spending tokens directly on them.

All your earthly desires and them some

Hey guys,

As you’re not completing the first Chapter and moving into Rome itself and it’s more active spheres I want the following feedback regarding each character:

  • Does your character have an item or companion wishlist? These would be items to aid you directly while adventuring.
    • Eg: Vel has Lupus, who given time and care will grow in either size, skills or number.
  • Does your character desire any connections or operations outside of adventuring? These would be larger operations or relationships that would require your characters attention during downtime but would give passive benefits over time.
    • Eg: Fortunatus is both a Jew and a Fabii, both will offer power, shelter and knowledge but may also ask for aid.
  • What are things your character like to know more about the world or people they would like to meet?
    • Eg: Quicksilver may wish to meet his father (alleged) Hermes under less hostile circumstances.
  • What would your character like to accomplish over the course of the campaign?
    • Eg: Inkwell either becomes a full Dracolich or a desk.

Send me a direct message either via Facebook or here on ObsPort (This is the new term for Obsidian Portal I just made up, OP is taken)

The Mountain Moves
The Tributary

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