The unsolicited thoughts of Sudi Khalfani

Day 3. Having managed to sleep through the first few days, my trance like state was ruined by apparent bunkmate Helios Onamaster and his armory of awful stories. I don’t trust him, more on that later.

Day 4. Helio’s is alright, sneaky though, but alright. His tales, like so many sagas, get better way better around the 3rd or 4th installment.

Day 5. Totally digging Helios’s stories. This boat trip is going great.

Day 6. ROME! Its okay I guess, the buildings are not nearly as big as they appear on the postcard, more on that later. We stepped off the boat and Helios stole a bunch of stuff from the market, he said it was the “greek way”, which is cool I guess. He’s alright, but sneaky. I don’t trust him.

We made our way to the 6th Regiments Encampment and met with Leggit Luscious Sextius, he’s alright, I don’t trust him, these romans are a lot shorter up close. Leggit Sextius, told us to go meet Legionnaire Minimus, with a local magician called Atramentum Ollam, and a manbear named Vel, who despite his claims appears to be some sort of muscle elemental… they’re alright.

We met with Minimus, he was alright, though he wouldn’t shut up about his far superior brother Maximus, and about how the local soldiers have a harpy problem, or whatever. We asked for an additional horse, more on that later.

Helios said we should send the sick horse first. I agreed with him, that horse stunk out loud. We went to the forest and ran into a clamour of Harpies! The very harpies we were looking for; this day was going great until a Harpy clawed at my eyes, that totally ruined it. We did our thing, and took a Harpy called Chell hostage. She was alright.

We followed Chell to the mine, and that guy Minimus got all weird and went home. Helios decided we should smoke ‘em out, that guys full of ideas, he’s alright. We began to setup a massive smoke trap, but then amidst our flawless planning, totally failed to keep Atramentum from shouting a bunch of crap, he really blew it.

The harpies came from everywhere, and turns out their “queen” was a dragon winged, flying lion with a scorpion tail… known as a Manticore. It was alright. We fought it, and won. It’s head will look great on the wall of my tent.

Time for lunch.

The unsolicited thoughts of Sudi Khalfani

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