Atramentum Ollam

Callum's Character


The Edgar Allen Poe of the ancient world. That goth kid at the Arcane Academy in Rome. Slightly unhinged, and certainly melodramatic, Atramentum also has the confident air of someone who believes a strange and wonderful future awaits him.


The ungrateful son of a rich pottery merchant, Atramentum comes from a long line of boring, boring craftsmen. Petulant and not wanting to follow the traditions of his family, he used their money to study in the new arcane academies of Rome. His personality led him to exclusively study the dark arts. Now free of the clutches of his unappreciated teachers, Atramentum roams the ancient world in search of greater glory and the chance to experiment with his necromancy away from the judgements of society.

Atramentum Ollam

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